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  • Health and health care in South Africa 2/e
  • Van Rensburg HCJ
  • ISBN: 9780627030130
  • eISBN: 9780627030369
  • ePub ISBN: N/A
  • 740 Pages | Published: 2012

The changes that have taken place, and indeed continue to take place, in the post-1994 health sphere are often difficult to comprehend for both those inside and outside the South African health care system. These reforms can be confusing, even bewildering. What is the essence of the transformation? Where are the reforms heading? Health and health care in South Africa addresses these questions by presenting a coherent ?big picture? of health and health care in this country.

Health and health care in South Africa takes stock, chapter by chapter, of the evolving health system, along with the ensuing changes and challenges, and attempts to contextualise these developments historically and globally, and to critically assess them. It reviews progress and achievements, but also contemporary constraints and deficiencies in health performance.

Contents include the following:

  • National health care systems: trends, changes and reforms
  • The changing biophysical environment: impact on health and health conditions
  • HIV, AIDS and tuberculosis: trends, challenges and responses
  • Health care expenditure: using resources efficiently and equitably
  • Revitalisation and re-engineering of primary health care
  • Hospitals and hospital reform
  • Complementary and alternative medicine and traditional health care
  • Medical ethics and human rights

Health and health care in South Africa is aimed at researchers and lecturers, as well as senior and postgraduate students in the health and health-related professions, the social sciences, and health planning, policy and management-related disciplines. It is also a valuable reference work for practising health professionals, health planners, policy makers and managers.

Chapter 1 National health care systems: structure, dynamics and types
Chapter 2 A history of health and health care in South Africa: 1652-1994
Chapter 3 Transformation of the South African health system: post-1994
Chapter 4 The health, environment and development nexus in South Africa
Chapter 5 Health and health status of the South African population
Chapter 6 HIV, AIDS and tuberculosis in South Africa: trends, challenges and responses
Chapter 7 Human resources for health and the health professions in South Africa
Chapter 8 Health care financing and expenditure: post-1994 progress and remaining challenges
Chapter 9 Primary health care: nature and state in South Africa
Chapter 10 Hospitals and hospital reform in South Africa
Chapter 11 Complementary and alternative medicine and traditional health care in South Africa
Chapter 12 Perspectives from bioethics on health care challenges for South Africa

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