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  • History of schooling in South Africa, A - method and context
  • Booyse JJ, Le Roux CS, Seroto J, Wolhuter CC
  • ISBN: 9780627027970
  • eISBN: N/A
  • ePub ISBN: 9780627034541
  • 320 Pages | Published: 2011

An unfortunate consequence of the restructuring of teacher education in South Africa over the past 15 years has been the virtual disappearance of history of education from tertiary programmes and a corresponding decline in the number of publications on the subject. But this is now changing; especially in postgraduate courses. A history of schooling in South Africa: method and context provides a perspective on the development of schooling for all of South Africa"s diverse population groups, from pre-colonial times to present day, in as much detail as is possible in a single volume.

A history of schooling in South Africa: method and context introduces not only South African educational history, but also looks at the main schools in South African educational historiography and the lacunae that occur therein, especially in light of recent international developments.

Prof. Johan Booyse has been involved in the teaching of history of education and education management at the University of South Africa for the past 26 years. He is the author of various scientific articles and chapters in books and has also presented a large number of scientific papers at local and international conferences.

Prof. Cheryl le Roux is a professor and programme coordinator in environmental education and a professor in history of education at the University of South Africa. She has authored numerous journal articles, has contributed chapters to five academic books and has presented conference papers at local and international gatherings.

Dr Johannes Seroto works as a senior lecturer at the University of South Africa. He has a Secondary Teacher's Diploma, a BA degree and a BEd. He obtained his Master's degree in 1999 and his doctorate in education in 2004, both from Unisa. He has presented numerous papers with the most recent being at the South African Comparative and History of Education Society (SACHES) Conference in Stellenbosch.

Prof. Charl Wolhuter is a professor in comparative education at the Potchefstroom campus of North-West University. He studied at the Rand Afrikaans University, the University of Pretoria and the University of Stellenbosch. His doctorate in comparative education was awarded at the University of Stellenbosch. He is the author of various books and articles.

Chapter 1 History of education as a field of scholarship and the historiography of South African education
Chapter 2 History of education research: a search for meaning
Chapter 3 Indigenous education in the pre-colonial era
Chapter 4 European foundations shaping schooling in South Africa: early Dutch and British colonial influence at the Cape
Chapter 5 The influences of western education on education in the Cape and Natal: 1807-1899
Chapter 6 Education in the Afrikaner republics: evolving systems of education under pioneering conditions
Chapter 7 The provision of education during the first half of the 20th century
Chapter 8 Education provisioning during the period of National Party rule
Chapter 9 Post-1994 educational developments

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