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  • Botswana - politics and society
  • Edge WA, Lekorwe MH
  • ISBN: 9780627022319
  • eISBN: N/A
  • ePub ISBN: N/A
  • 544 Pages | Published: 1998

This multidisciplinary book consists of 31 chapters covering aspects such as history, sociology, demography, law, economics, environmental studies, politics and public administration; presented in a style that is accessible to both scholars and the general public. The book provides depth and breadth to the field of politics and society generally, while increasing our knowledge of Botswana in particular.

The editors are lecturers at the University of Botswana.

PART I: The precolonial era and the establishment of the Bechuanaland Protectorate

1. The kgosi in a traditional Tswana setting

2. The nature of Batswana states: Towards a theory of Batswana traditional government - the Batawana case

3. Missionary imperialism: the case of Bechuanaland

4. Land, cattle and ethnicity: the creation of Linchwe's Bakgatla, 1875-1920

5. The establishment and consolidation of the Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1870-1910

PART II: The colonial administration and its transformation

6. Twentieth century antecedents of decolonising nationalism in Botswana

7. The struggle for political freedom and independence

8. The emergence of political parties in Botswana

PART III: The creation and development of the public sector bureaucracy

9. Constitutional development in Botswana

10. The formation and structure of central government and its institutional relationship with local government in Botswana

11. Local government and district planning

12. The chieftaincy system and politics in Botswana, 1966-95

13. The role and responsibilities of members of parliament in facilitating good governance and democracy

14. The president: His office, functions and powers

PART IV: Rural development and government policy

15. Land reform and primitive accumulation: A closer look at the Botswana Tribal Grazing Land Policy

16. The rise and fall of Botswana's cooperative movement

PART V: The emergence of urbanisation and industrial development

17. Population distribution and urbanisation

18. The impact of urbanisation on the society, economy and environment of Botswana

19. Botswana and diamond-dependent development

20. Botswana's public enterprises

21. Botswana: A developmental state

PART VI: Political participation and civil society

22. Human rights, development and the rule of the law in post-colonial Botswana

23. Elections and electoral experience in Botswana

24. Majority rule, life presidency and factional politics

25. Equality of citizenship and the gendering of democracy in Botswana

26. The role of the press in independent Botswana

PART VII: Botswana's foreign policy

27. The role of Botswana in the liberation of Southern Africa since 1966

28. Aid management in Botswana: Experience and lessons

29. Trade: Botswana in the post-apartheid era

30. New dimensions in Botswana's foreign policy

PART VIII: Conclusion

31. Politics and society in Botswana: Future scenarios

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