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  • Educator's guide to school management-leadership skills, An 2/e
  • Van Deventer I
  • ISBN: 9780627033735
  • eISBN: N/A
  • ePub ISBN: 9780627031908
  • 528 Pages | Published: 2016

The constantly changing education landscape demands educators who will deliver learners to a South African society worthy of the highest ideals, learners who will, as adults, fulfil their life roles as citizens and as productive, well-adjusted human beings. By acquiring the necessary management and leadership knowledge and skills, educators will be able to realise the ideal of building an education system that focuses on excellence, a system that is accessible to all and promotes the development of those entrusted to them. An educator’s guide to school management-leadership skills focuses on bringing education manager-leaders practical and school-based directives so that they can deliver quality education to our nation’s learners.


An educator’s guide to school management-leadership skills takes a holistic and integrated approach, set against the backdrop of international successes such as Finland’s road to education transformation according to the PISA tests. It focuses on the following:

• Developing excellence in schools

• Management-leadership tasks in complex school environments

• Managing and leading human resources

• Managing and leading financial, administrative and ICT matters in education


An educator’s guide to school management-leadership skills is aimed at students and practitioners in the field of education.



Section A Developing excellence in schools: management-leadership discourses in education

Chapter 1 An international perspective on management-leadership towards education change: case Finland

Chapter 2 Education management-leadership: a historical and future-orientated perspective

Chapter 3 Managing and leading organisational change in schools

Chapter 4 Manage and lead the organisational climate and culture of schools

Chapter 5 Management-leadership for social justice and care in a diverse world

Section B Management-leadership tasks in complex school environments

Chapter 6 Education management-leadership tasks in schools

Chapter 7 Visualising and planning skills as management-leadership tasks

Chapter 8 Organising as a management-leadership task

Chapter 9 Leading and directing people as management-leadership tasks

Chapter 10 Control and accountability as management-leadership tasks

SECTION C Managing and leading human resources: Staff, learners and community relationships

Chapter 11 Human resource management and development: ensuring an effective staff

Chapter 12 Establishing harmonious relationships in a school

Chapter 13 Coping with organisational stress

Chapter 14 Management-leadership for diversity in education: employment equity, fairness and non-discrimination

Chapter 15 Managing and leading the pedagogic-instructional programme

Chapter 16 Managing and leading learner behaviour

Chapter 17 Management-leadership of school-community relationships

Section D Managing and leading financial, administrative and ICT matters in education

Chapter 18 Efficient financial management-leadership in schools

Chapter 19 Getting administrative matters right: administrative and support staff

Chapter 20 Managing and leading ICT integration in schools






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