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  • Medical ethics, law and human rights – A South African perspective 2/e
  • Moodley K
  • ISBN: 9780627034657
  • eISBN: N/A
  • ePub ISBN: 9780627034664
  • 464 Pages | Published: 2017

Healthcare delivery in the 21st century has become increasingly complex and demanding. Clinical consultations frequently raise scientific, ethical and legal challenges. While scientific issues may be resolved using an evidence-based medicine (EBM) approach, ethical theory is needed to justify decision making in the face of ethical conflict. Medical ethics, law and human rights: a South African perspective provides the conceptual background and analytic skills necessary to assist with the resolution of ethical dilemmas encountered in the South African healthcare environment.


Medical ethics, law and human rights uses case studies to help the healthcare team to identify and analyse ethical, moral and value concepts, and to apply these to scenarios that they may encounter on a daily basis. Part 1 explores theories and principles of ethics (including African philosophy), introduces medical law, discusses health and human rights, and also makes the transition from theory to practice. Part 2 looks at specific topics in healthcare that raise challenges from an ethics perspective – HIV/AIDS, use of social media, euthanasia, human reproduction, genetics and genomics.

In view of the increasing emphasis on ethical considerations in healthcare from the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), coupled with the rising incidence of litigation in healthcare, Medical ethics, law and human rights is essential reading for health science, law and philosophy students as well as practising healthcare professionals.

Part 1: Introduction to medical ethics, law and human rights

Chapter 1 A place for ethics, law and human rights in healthcare

Chapter 2 Ethics and philosophy

Chapter 3 Ethics theories and the principlist approach in bioethics

Chapter 4 African philosophy and medical ethics

Chapter 5 Respect for patient autonomy

Chapter 6 Beneficence

Chapter 7 Non-maleficence

Chapter 8 Justice

Chapter 9 Human rights: the relevance for South African health professionals

Chapter 10 Law and the health professional in South Africa

Chapter 11 Professionalism

Chapter 12 Resolving ethical dilemmas: an approach to decision making


Part 2: Ethics in healthcare

Chapter 13 Ethics in the consulting rooms

Chapter 14 Paediatric ethics

Chapter 15 Ethics in mental healthcare

Chapter 16 HIV/AIDS in South Africa: an exploration of the ethical options.

Chapter 17 Reproductive ethics

Chapter 18 Ethics at the end of life

Chapter 19 Organ transplant ethics and law

Chapter 20 Research ethics and scientific integrity

Chapter 21 Global health and global health ethics

Chapter 22 Genetics and ethical complexity

Chapter 23 New and emerging technologies in healthcare in the 21st century


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