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  • Voices of this Land - An Anthology of South African Poetry in English 2/e
  • Brown M, Lenahan P, Medalie D, Moonsamy N, Soldati-Kahimbaara K, Wessels A
  • ISBN: 9780627036170
  • eISBN: N/A
  • ePub ISBN: 9780627036187
  • 264 Pages | Published: 2017

Voices of this land is a new and expanded edition of what has become one of the standard collections of South African poetry written in English. It includes poems ranging from the colonial period right up to the present and encourages readers to revel in the power, richness and diversity of South African poetry.


Poetry has to do something more than reproduce power struggles and their justifications in arbitrarily shortened lines, using obscure language, garnished with imagery. Rather, poetry should use language to reproduce and deepen the senses and emotions as well as the consciousness and ideas that are an inseparable part of experience.





Thomas Pringle (1789–1834) The Hottentot

Thomas Pringle (1789–1834) The Cape of Storms

Thomas Pringle (1789–1834) Franschehoek

Thomas Pringle (1789–1834) The Coranna

D.C.F. Moodie (1838–1891) Storm in Tugela Valley, Natal

Olive Schreiner (1855–1920) ­– The Morning Sun is Shining

W.C. Scully (1855–1943)Voices of Africa

W.C. Scully (1855–1943) ­– The Moon

Herbert Price (1858–1931) The Nerves of God

Herbert Price (1858–1931) ­– Spring

Arthur Shearly Cripps (1869–1952) The Black Christ

Arthur Shearly Cripps (1869–1952) To the Veld

Ian Colvin (1877–1938) To His Readers

Syned (Denys Lefebvre) (1879–1946) Dream-Children

Mary Morison Webster (1894–1980) As Mariners by Dark and Treacherous Gales

Mary Morison Webster (1894–1980) I Set Aside

Walter M.B. Nhlapo (c. 1900–1967) First romantic night

Walter M.B. Nhlapo (c. 1900–1967) Late Queen Lomawa

Roy Campbell (1901–1957) The Serf

Roy Campbell (1901–1957) The Sisters

Roy Campbell (1901–1957) The Zebras

Roy Campbell (1901–1957) ­The Zulu Girl

H.I.E. Dhlomo (1903–1956) Because I’m Black

Alan Paton (1903–1988) Could You Not Write Otherwise?

William Plomer (1903–1973) A game of chess

William Plomer (1903–1973) The Scorpion

William Plomer (1903–1973) Johannesburg

R.N. Currey (1907–2001) Remembering Snow

Adèle Naudé (1910–1981) Africa

Jack Cope (1913–1991) The Flying Fish

Anthony Delius (1916–1989) The Gamblers

Elias Pater (1916–1999) Lemon Tree

Guy Butler (1918–2001) Stranger to Europe

Guy Butler (1918–2001) Coal

Guy Butler (1918–2001) Aloe and Mimosa

Charles Eglington (1918–1970) Old Prospector

Ruth Miller (1919–1969) Library Gardens (Johannesburg)

Tatamkhulu Afrika (1920–2002) The Beggar

Tatamkhulu Afrika (1920–2002) Readying for Ramadaan

Anne Welsh (1922–2000) That Way

Dennis Brutus (1924–2009) I walk in the English quicksilver dusk

Dennis Brutus (1924–2009) Cold

Sydney Clouts (1926–1982) Dawn Hippo

Sydney Clouts (1926–1982) Karroo Stop

Sydney Clouts (1926–1982) Poetry is Death Cast Out

Lionel Abrahams (1928–2004) Having one’s car and hating it

Tess Koller (b. 1928) Let Me Not Factory

Don Maclennan (1929–2009) ­The Poetry Lesson

Don Maclennan (1929–2009) Poems

James Matthews (b. 1929) they say

James Matthews (b. 1929) living in our land is a political action

Sinclair Beiles (1930–2000) Karoo Bathtime

Sheila Fugard (b. 1932) Lena

Douglas Livingstone (1932–1996) Africa

Douglas Livingstone (1932–1996) Sunstrike

Douglas Livingstone (1932–1996) Pteranodon

Douglas Livingstone (1932–1996) Gentling a Wildcat

Sipho Sepamla (1932–2007) To Whom It May Concern

Sipho Sepamla (1932–2007) ­– History-books, Amen!

Sipho Sepamla (1932–2007) ­– Dear lovely

Patrick Cullinan (1933–2011) The Walls of Naletale

Peter Horn (b. 1934) Poems at Bargain Prices

Peter Horn (b. 1934) Holiday at the Beach

Peter Horn (b. 1934) My Own Jail

Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand) (b. 1934) blues for district six

Don Mattera (b. 1935) ­– Mine workers’ song

Don Mattera (b. 1935) Dry Your Eyes

Keorapetse Kgositsile (b. 1938) My People No Longer Sing

Geoffrey Haresnape (b. 1939) Mulberry in Autumn

Wopko Jensma (b. 1939) Drocnoc’s methane station

Wopko Jensma (b. 1939) Cop

Mbuyiseni Oswald Mtshali (b. 1940) An Abandoned Bundle

Mbuyiseni Oswald Mtshali (b. 1940) Boy on a Swing

Stephen Gray (b. 1941) Apollo Café

Arthur Nortjé (1942–1970) ­– In Exile

Arthur Nortjé (1942–1970) Dead Roots

Mongane Wally Serote (b. 1944) City Johannesburg

Mongane Wally Serote (b. 1944) For Don M. – Banned

Mongane Wally Serote (b. 1944) Alexandra

Tembeka Mbombo (dates unknown) Untitled

Jumaimah Motaung (dates unknown) The Great Day – August 9th

Jennifer Davids (b. 1945) Poem for my Mother

Mafika Gwala (b. 1946) In Defence of Poetry

Mark Swift (1946–2013) Windvogel Mountain

Robert Berold (b. 1948) cargo

Chris Mann (b. 1948) Cookhouse Station

Chris Mann (b. 1948)6 Rini Bougainvilleas

Motshile wa Nthodi (b. 1948) South African Dialogue

Jeremy Cronin (b. 1949) To learn how to speak

Jeremy Cronin (b. 1949) Motho Ke Motho Ka Batho Babang (A Person is a Person Because of

Other People)

Mzi Mahola (b. 1949) I’m a Man

Norman Morrissey (b. 1949)

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