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  • Life Orientation for South African Teachers 2/e
  • Nel M
  • ISBN: 9780627035753
  • eISBN: N/A
  • ePub ISBN: 9780627035760
  • 491 Pages | Published: 2017

Life Orientation in the Senior and Further Education and Training phases (called Life Skills in the Intermediate Phase) is a compulsory school subject. The purpose of this subject is to empower learners to achieve their full physical, intellectual, personal, emotional and social potential. It is thus obvious that it is a crucial subject to develop and support learners to become fully functional individuals and responsible citizens of a democratic society, able to cope with life and all the challenges it presents. Life Orientation for South African teachers is a comprehensive textbook on the subject of Life Orientation as stated in the curriculum policy documents.


Life Orientation for South African teachers provides educators with in-depth knowledge as well as teaching skills to deal with the wide variety of themes within the subject. Besides a theoretical foundation there are case studies, reflective questions and activity boxes to assist with practical application of the topics covered in each chapter.


Contents include the following:

•           Human rights and values

•           Religion studies in education

•           Cultural diversity

•           Lay counselling

•           Behavioural issues: aggression and violence

•           Healthy living

•           Sexuality education

•           Life skills

•           Resilience

•           Relationships

•           Wellness through indigenous knowledge

•           Child abuse

•           Careers

•           Study skills

•           Pedagogical and assessment issues pertaining to Life Orientation


Life Orientation for South African teachers is aimed at pre-service as well as postgraduate students in education.

Chapter 1 Introduction



Chapter 2 Pedagogy of Life Orientation/Life Skills

Chapter 3 Cooperative learning in the Life Orientation class­room

Chapter 4 Assessment in Life Orientation



Chapter 5 Human rights

Chapter 6 An introduction to the history and nature of human rights and democracy in the South African Curriculum

Chapter 7 Democratic citizenship education for participatory democracy

Chapter 8 Teaching-learning for democracy and human rights in the Life Orientation curriculum

Chapter 9 Teaching-learning for democracy and human rights in the Life Orientation curriculum: experiential and dialogical learning methodologies



Chapter 10 Religion in education: Life Orientation and Religion Studies

Chapter 11 Cultural diversity


Chapter 12 Life skills

Chapter 13 Health promotion in South African schools

Chapter 14 Healthy living

Chapter 15 Physical education

Chapter 16 Relationships

Chapter 17 Sexuality education

Chapter 18 Promoting wellness through indigenous ways

Chapter 19 Behavioural issues: aggression and violence

Chapter 20 Child abuse

Chapter 21 Lay counselling

Chapter 22 Being a “turnaround teacher”: 1 teacher-learner partnerships towards resilience



Chapter 23 Careers and the world of work

Chapter 24 Study skills


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• Suggested responses to questions in the textbook 

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