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  • Improving public policy for good governance 4/e
  • Cloete F, De Coning C, Wissink H, Rabie B
  • ISBN: 9780627035135
  • eISBN: N/A
  • ePub ISBN: 9780627035142
  • 432 Pages | Published: 2018

Essentially, good governance is the primary mission of the public sector. Effective policy management is a crucial component of good governance if the desired improvements in society are to be achieved. A thorough understanding of the nature, content, processes and outcomes of public policy is not only imperative for continually improving public sector governance, but also vital for establishing good public management on a daily basis.

The fourth edition of Improving public policy for good governance has been updated and revised substantially. It focuses on integrating the functionally specialised agencies of government, business, labour and civil society into a holistic and efficient policy network. This is necessary in an attempt to deal with the complexities of transformational leadership while addressing optimal development and public services delivery in society, amidst an ever advancing digital era that is under increasing resource constraints.

This book bridges the theory and practice of public policy by linking them in a user-friendly manner. It explains what public policy is and should be, why and how it is created, and how public policy content, processes, outputs and outcomes can be improved to promote optimal good governance. Furthermore, it shows how to achieve sustainable developmental goals in the information society of the 21st century, particularly in complex developing countries.

This edition also contains a new chapter on competing values and the ethics of public policy. Among other issues, it addresses the intractable problems of corruption and nepotism that are endemic to any policy system. Each chapter also includes references to the latest published South African and international resources on various aspects of public policy.

Improving public policy for good governance is essential reading material for all students, researchers and practitioners in the field of public policy who require knowledge, insight and/or practical skills in this important field. All contributors are experienced public policy educators, practitioners and evaluators.

Fanie Cloete is Emeritus Professor of Policy Analysis in the Department of Public Management and Governance at the University of Johannesburg, as well as in the School of Public Leadership at Stellenbosch University. He is also a legacy chair of the SA Monitoring and Evaluation Association.

Christo de Coning is Professor Extraordinaire in the School for Public Leadership at Stellenbosch University, as well as the Founding Board Member of the Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace, and the Managing Director of the Institute for Sport and Development.

Henry Wissink is Professor of Public Governance at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. He is also the former Dean and Head of the School of Management, IT and Governance at UKZN and former Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Governmental Studies at the former PE Technikon, which became the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU).

Babette Rabie is a Senior Lecturer and Head of the master’s programme at the School of Public Leadership, Stellenbosch University. She is currently the Book Review Editor for the international journal Evaluation and Program Planning (Elsevier) and a legacy chair of the SA Monitoring and Evaluation Association (SAMEA).



Section A Public policy context

Chapter 1 Nature, role and history of public policy

Chapter 2 Models, theories and paradigms for analysing public policy 

Chapter 3 Values and ethics in policy analysis and management 

Chapter 4 Development and public policy

Section B Public policy process

Chapter 5 Policy agenda setting 

Chapter 6 Policy design 

Chapter 7 Policy implementation 

Chapter 8 Programme management, project management and public policy implementation 

Chapter 9 Policy evaluation

Section C Public policy capacity building

Chapter 10 Policy change 

Chapter 11 Institutionalisation of public policy management 

Chapter 12 Skills development for public policy improvement




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