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  • Transportation Management - A southern African perpsective
  • Engelbrecht W, Ramgovind P
  • ISBN: 9780627037368
  • eISBN: N/A
  • ePub ISBN: 9780627037375
  • 339 Pages | Published: 2019

The current economic climate and evolving business needs necessitate the supply chain industry to rethink strategies around transportation management, as it is the structural glue that connects and binds communities to organisations and organisations to economies. Transportation management as an aspect of the supply chain network ensures that the required material is delivered in the right quantity and of the right quality to the right place at the right time. It is dependent on infrastructure, processes and systems, together with human resources, to function successfully within the wider supply chain industry. Transportation management: a southern African perspective improves and expands on existing academic knowledge on transportation management within the southern African landscape.


Transportation management: a southern African perspective provides an overview of the contribution made by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) towards improving transportation management as part of its overall goal of increasing opportunities for growth, given the economic, political and social challenges facing this region. Written by academics and industry experts, it contains practical case studies, revision questions and examples to expand the text, as it attempts to address current concerns within higher education pertaining to decolonising content.


Transportation management: a southern African perspective is aimed at students studying towards un undergraduate

degree with a core focus on either Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management or Transport Economics.


Willy Engelbrecht holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Tourism Management and a PhD in Tourism Management. He is currently Deputy Head of Faculty: Faculty of Commerce at the Independent Institute of Education (IIE). He actively participates in research and has presented a number of papers related to tourism and education at both national and international conferences. He is an external examiner for other tertiary institutions as well as a supervisor for master’s students.

Priya Ramgovind holds a Bachelor of Business Science in Finance and Supply Chain Management and a Master of Commerce in Supply Chain Management. She is currently Head of Programme: Commerce (Supply Chain Management) at the IIE. She contributes to academic research and is involved in the development of academic supply chain management qualifications and material.




Chapter 1: Introduction to supply chain management

Chapter 2: Modes of transportation

Chapter 3: SADC trade routes and their impact on transportation

Chapter 4: Transportation Regulations and Acts

Chapter 5: Outsourcing of logistical activities

Chapter 6: Transportation cost management

Chapter 7: Transportation planning

Chapter 8: Transportation technology

Chapter 9: Transportation economics

Chapter 10: Transportation risk management

Chapter 11: Sustainable transportation management practices

Chapter 12: Global transportation management and its future within southern Africa




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