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  • Managing the microteaching process - A practical guide to teaching practice preparation
  • Chinedu Okeke, Emmanuel Olusola Adu, Mzoli Mncanca & Christian Ugwuanyi (Editors)
  • ISBN: 9780627040498
  • eISBN: N/A
  • ePub ISBN: 9780627040504
  • 267 Pages | Published: 2023

In South Africa and elsewhere in the world, those in the teaching profession require specialised knowledge and skills if they are to prepare learners to develop to their fullest potential and grow up to be the best that they can be.. However, many of these competencies can only be imparted through the actual practice of teaching. Managing the microteaching process: a practical guide to teaching practice preparation is a resource developed to support the teaching practice module of pre-service teaching programmes offered at tertiary institutions in South Africa and other African countries.

Managing the microteaching process: a practical guide to teaching practice preparation provides lecturers and students in both face-to-face and open distance learning environments with the opportunity to participate in simple, carefully planned teacher training tasks. In addition to covering the theoretical foundation, it develops teaching knowledge and skills through practising in a controlled environment.

Contents include the following:
• Entry behavioural skills
• Lesson induction
• Skills of explanation
• Planning and presenting a lesson
• Receiving feedback
• Teacher and learner activities
• Skills of assessment
• e-Portfolios
Managing the microteaching process: a practical guide to teaching practice preparation is aimed at pre-service teachers..

Chapter 1: Discussion of the administration of the microteaching process
and content
Chapter 2: Introduction to microteaching
Chapter 3: Entry behavioural skills for learners in teaching and learning
Chapter 4: Lesson induction: the skill of introducing a lesson
Chapter 5: Skills of explanation in teaching and learning
Chapter 6: Stimulus variation skills
Chapter 7: Probing question skills
Chapter 8: Skills of reinforcement
Chapter 9: Skills of chalkboard/whiteboard writing
Chapter 10: Microsoft PowerPoint presentation skills
Chapter 11: Skills of illustration
Chapter 12: Management of teaching–learning resources
Chapter 13: Skills of feedback and feedback management
Chapter 14: Selection of microteaching topics by pre-service teachers
Chapter 15: Selecting the microteaching skills to demonstrate
Chapter 16: Writing instructional objectives
Chapter 17: Planning a lesson
Chapter 18: Teaching and learning phase: Presenting a lesson
Chapter 19: Teacher and learner activities in a microteaching class
Chapter 20: Skills of assessment in microteaching
Chapter 21: Receiving feedback in a microteaching class
Chapter 22: Re-planning, re-teaching and re-feedback in microteaching
Chapter 23: Contextualising microteaching: How microteaching differs
in ODL context
Chapter 24: Simulation of teaching in an ODL microteaching classroom
Chapter 25: ICT integrated microteaching in an ODL context
Chapter 26: A social media-based model of microteaching for ODL
Chapter 27: The use of e-portfolios in an ODL context

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