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  • 1914

    Where it all began.

    JL van Schaik Bookshops opened.

  • 1915

    JL van Schaik starts publishing books.

    Beginsels van de Karakterkunde by Dr. SO Los was the first book published by JL van Schaik.

  • 1917

    First Afrikaans children’s book.

    Die kaskenades van Klein Duimpie by Tannie van die Brandwag (pseudonym for HDM van Heerden)

  • 1920

    Important books by J van Bruggen published.

  • 1921

    Tweetalige Woordeboek by Steyn published.

    Beginning of numerous dictionaries published by JL van Schaik.

  • 1922

    Eesrte Afrikaanse Skoolatlas

    Published and used in schools for more than 40 years.

  • 1923

    In the 1920s and early 1930s many authors were published including CM van den Heever, AG Visser, Mikro, Uys Krige and many more.

  • 1927

    Jong lewe vol strewe.

  • 1932

    Die Meisies van Maasdorp series by Stella Blakemore is published.

    Followed by Keurboslaan – written by Stella Blakemore under the pseudonym Theunis Krogh.

  • 1933

    Iconic books by Eugène Marais are published.

  • 1934

  • 1936

    Librigebou was built.

  • 1938

    Splits into Van Schaik Bookshop (Pty) Ltd and JL van Schaik (Pty) Ltd (publishing imprint).

  • 1949

  • 1959

    Hatfield and Sunnyside bookshops open.

  • 1960's

    Pioneering work is started on the development of academic textbooks for the South African market. This sees the beginning of what is today, one of the leading academic backlists in the country.

    Textbooks are published in a wide range of disciplines, and authors include JJN Cloete, Ponelis, Eksteen and many more.

    Mr JL van Schaik dies.

    Sons Jan and Hans van Schaik take over the running of the business.
    Hans takes over the bookshops and Jan runs the publishing division.

  • 1968

    JL van Schaik is taken over by NASPERS and shifts the focus if its core business to the academic sector.

  • 1986

    JL van Schaik is taken over by NASPERS and shifts the focus of its core business to the academic sector.

  • Late 1980s

    Most prolific African language writer – ET Maumela

  • 1989

    Profiting from effective Industrial Relations was first published in 1889 and by 2012 was in its 7th edition – now known as South African Employment Relations.

  • 1995

    First edition of Economics for South African Students by Philip Mohr published.

  • 1996

    Obstetrics in Southern Africa was first published in 1996 and our medical list has expanded considerably over the years.

  • 2000

    Mr Helgaard Raubenheimer, the then CEO of Nasboek, transferred the Van Schaik Publishers Archives to the UNISA Library in June 2000. The Publishers Archives consist of a copy of each impression of every title published since the inception of JL van Schaik Publishers in 1914. At the time this constituted a collection of 6 500 books.

  • 2007

    Van Schaik Bookstore splits from Van Schaik Publishers.

    Van Schaik Bookstore is sold and after 93 years, ownership of the bookstore and the publishing company reside in different media companies.

  • 2011

    Van Schaik Publishers launches its first digital ebook First Steps in Research.

    197 ebooks now live on various platforms.

  • 2015

    Van Schaik Publishers celebrates its centenary – 100 years in the South African market.